The truth about LGBT people: We do laundry

In Canada, Tide has started running a commercial showing an ordinary couple arguing about the laundry. I mean, an ordinary gay couple (footnote 1). I love ads like this, which show LGBT people in everyday moments dealing with everyday issues. These ads should remind straight people that LGBT people are just like them, even with issues as mundane as laundry. I hope Tide brings this ad to the US.

1. A shout-out to my husband, who does the lion’s share of laundry in this household.

Newsflash: LGBT people like gift cards

When my husband and I got married, we received plenty of gift cards — but none with a rainbow flag, or depicting two grooms together. That was several years ago. Today, retailers have caught on to the fact that LGBT people are getting married and starting families. In response, they’re offering new LGBT-friendly e-gift cards, like the ones shown here from Target and Amazon.

gift card

Target e-gift card

I think this is a good first step for retailers, but they need to do more to prove their commitment to LGBT customers. I think there should be physical LGBT-friendly gift cards sold in stores (footnote 1). The e-gift cards are good, but they’re hidden to people who aren’t looking for them. Physical cards would show the shopping public that (a) the retailer is LGBT friendly and (b) LGBT people enjoy receiving gifts.

1. Well, not in Amazon’s case. They don’t have brick-and-mortar stores.