Baker, baker, bake me an anti-gay cake

I’ve written previously about anti-gay bakers who refused to make cakes for LGBT customers, claiming that it would infringe upon their religious liberty. Well now the religious right (footnote 1) by asking LGBT-friendly bakers to make cakes with anti-gay messages on them. When the bakers refuse, the so-called customers claim religious discrimination.

There’s a clear difference between the two sides here. The anti-gay bakers are refusing to make cakes based on who the customers are. The customers aren’t asking for any offensive messages to be put on the cakes.

On the other hand, the anti-LGBT side isn’t being refused because of who they are. They’re being refused because of the offensive message they want on the cakes. As the BuzzFeed article points out that the baker wasn’t promoting an anti-Christian viewpoint at all, and would happily bake a cake shaped like a bible.

By trying to portray themselves as the victims of discrimination, the right wing merely shines a light on the true victims — the LGBT community.

1. Or, as I like to call them, the American Taliban.