Who’s on the cover?


I see straight people

Listen, I have nothing against straight people. Some of my best friends are straight. Even my parents are straight. But that doesn’t mean I want to see them everywhere — like on the cover of LGBT magazines.

The husband and I got Out last week and discovered James McAvoy on the cover. Good actor, but not gay. A few days later, we received Equality, the Human Rights Campaign’s quarterly magazine. Jennifer Hudson is on the cover. Talented actress and singer, but not lesbian.

Why do I care so much? Because I turn to LGBT magazines to get something I can’t find in mainstream publications — news about the LGBT community. When a publication puts a straight person on the cover, it’s essentially telling readers that out of all the LGBT people profiled in the pages of the magazine, none of them did anything more worthy than the straight person on the cover. It’s a little offensive.

I know that publishers need to put people on covers that will sell magazines, but we’ve got so many LGBT actors, writers, politicians, sports figures, and artists to choose from today. Surely one of them deserves a spot on the cover of Out or Equality.